Car Parts and Dismantling Services

What do you do with your vehicle once it has served its purpose? A lot of people do not know what to do with their vehicles at the end of their useful life. Well, you can make some money and help other people through your old vehicle. All you have to do is to look for auto dismantlers and approach them with an offer. But who are auto dismantlers and what do they do?

Extra information about auto dismantlers


Auto dismantlers are experts in motor vehicle parts and therefore, they purchase old vehicles and dismantle them to acquire different parts which can then be put into different uses such as to repair other people's vehicles. They may deal with different types of vehicles, motorbikes or even scooters or they may specialise in a specific type of vehicle, motorbike or scooter. They are usually well versed with the working mechanisms of different vehicles and are trained mostly through apprenticeship. Most are also qualified and certified mechanics with a wealth of experience.

Services offered

Most dismantlers will sell different second hand car parts for a profit. The advantage with these parts is that they cost less and most of them are likely to be original. Given that they have worked with different parts, they know how to identify fake and genuine car parts and therefore you will be given the information on what you are purchasing beforehand. They also offer car repair services and therefore it is easier for you to buy the parts and have them replaced in the same place. This will save you time that could be used to look for alternative mechanics to fix your car. They also offer car body refurbishing services such as paint and art work at an affordable rate.


Some of these people will also collect different car parts or cars either as a hobby or for commercial services. Some acquire vehicles, repair them and turn them into attractive vehicles that could then be hired for special events such as weddings. Most collectibles include classical and historical vehicles from different manufacturers.


The parts that are not in a good state or that can no longer be used due to changes in legislation or market trends can be included in the collection or recycled. The dismantlers do not have to recycle it themselves but they can sort them out according to such categories as metallic, plastic, fibre, poisonous and non-poisonous and sell them to companies that specialise in recycling them. This is not only good for the environment but also for the health of the community since improper disposal may lead to contamination of food and water sources.